First Annual Wonderland Show by Art Soiree last night @ L2 Lounge

Thanks to the wonderful organizers, Tati ana and Sandro, Art Soiree hosted another great party last night at L2 lounge in Georgetown – Their First Annual Wonderland Show.

Given they were founded only in September of 2009 – a few month before I launched Awesome DC, I was very impressed with the turn out.  Tati and Sandro started the company with the goal to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, and performance art in the Washington, DC.

Washington could use more people like these guys.  Their work is right along line with my mission with awesome DC blog and my social media company, that I launched last month :-) With their focus in art and mine in technology, I believe we should be able to position Washington, DC as the hub for Art, Culture, technology, partying, and fun events, as opposed to just classic Politics, corruption, scandals, and the fuck ups :-) Read more of this post

And the top three Awesome Washingtonians for the month of Sept 2010 are….


Take a goooood look at us! We are Awesome!!!


The rating was based on their average score – AND – the total number of votes from their network of friends, fans, followers on their social media channels as well as votes from Awesome DC audience.

The first awesome Washingtonian of the month

Magda Johanna Gomez
Nomination Date as the Awesome Washingtonian of the Day: Sept 15
Live in:
Washington, DC
Originally from: Colombia, South America
Profession: Board Agent/ Language Specialist at the National Labor Relations Board
What She loves about DC area the most: Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 20, 2010

Name: Dominique Fierro
Live in: Bethesda, MD
Originally from: Born in D.C. – I am a Haitian American
Profession: Photographer/Stylist/Interior Designer… A.K.A your ” Creative Guru
What your love about DC the most: The culture. It is a melting pot of every nationality, religious backgrounds and wacky characters all in one :-) This city is always throwing you a curve ball. The beauty of D.C. is that there is never an excuse for anyone to be bored, in the same day you can drive 30 minutes and go pick apples and play with some goats at a farm or go hang out at a trendy roof top pool while listening to Damien Marley. This past weekend I watched my husband play soccer on the National Mall and we ended up watching some impromptu swing dancing in Dupont Circle. There is no other place like it, how many people get to say that they went rowing in the Potomac river and then spotted the president on the same day! What’s not to like ? Read more of this post


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