Hey Washingtonians! there is a new Burger joint just opened in Dupont Circle – BGR

Just spotted a new Eat in & Carry out place right north of Dupont Circle called BGR – The Burger Joint. Here is the map to get there.

Considering, there are already Fuddruckers, Five Guys, and Johnny Rockets, in our area, do we really need another red meat place in D.C? Credit to BGR, I personally think their burger is by far better than other ones. Although, I am not a red meat fan, but just felt like to grab a bit there. I can’t even stand Fuddruckers and Five Guys.

Although, BGR claims their burgers are all natural, hormone free, and grain fed beef and served on a fresh toasted buttery brioche bun, they still have many challenges a head of them. Here is the list:

a) Competition in the area
b) Their burger is a little bit expensive
c) There are tons of other restaurants serving much healthier food not only in Dupont Circle, but all over D.C.
d) Considering Washingtonians were recently considered as one of the smartest in the country, I am sure majority of them are smart enough to stay away from another red meaty type of place.

So, I think BGR will have a good ride for the first couple of years or so, but not for long run. Besides, in such bad economy, who wants to pay $13 for a Greek Burger?

I tried to find a video about them on youtube, I did not see any. Instead I found this super hilarious one. Please NOTE that the video has nothing to do with BGR. It is just for your laugh of the day:

Now that you have had your laugh with the video, back to the BGR. Here is their address:

Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.
1514 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone 202-299-1071
Fax 202-299-1072

And, here is their story on their site according to their founder Mark Bucher:

Here are a few picture I took in and out of the place:

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