Industries that may never recover in the US

Crap! the field that I received both my BS and MS from, is one of them – Telecom. Thank God! I switched to Internet and social media early 2000 :-)

24/7 Wall St examined the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Employment Situation Summary,” and a number of sources that show layoffs by company and sector. The weakness in these sectors will make it harder for the private industry, even aided by the government, to bring down total unemployment from 9.6% and replace the 8.3 million jobs lost during the recession.

Here is the list of the 10 job categories that will not recover: Read more of this post

U.S. Crack Down On Intellectual Property Theft

The first National Intellectual Property Enforcement Strategy by our government was unveiled yesterday. It includes a wide-ranging strategic plan to protect intellectual property from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, to films & music and pledged to confront governments that fail to crack down on piracy. It was about time!

The plan was developed by a several government agencies including the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, State, Commerce, Agriculture, Health and Human Services along with the White House and U.S. Trade Representative’s office.

The initiative aims to crack down on websites that allow illegal downloads of films or music, to “lead by example” in curbing use of pirated software or goods at home, and according to Mr. Biden, to “shine a light” on governments that fail to stop piracy. Read more of this post

ACS Green Chemistry Institute To Host Green Chemistry Conference In Washington, D.C.

Kamran Abdi

The American Chemical Society‘s (ACS) Green Chemistry Institute will host the 14th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference next month in Washington, D.C.

With an overarching theme of “Innovation and Application,” this year’s conference will celebrate recent innovations and applications at the cutting edge of green chemistry. The conference also will address environmental challenges and explore sustainable solutions of today for future generations, which will heighten the efforts of D.C. city officials. Read more of this post


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