The Science Club Where The Washingtonian Geeks Will Be Very Disappointed

It is time to cover another awesome Washington landmark. Well, this one is not really a landmark, but a pretty cool lounge with awesome happy hours and wonderful ambiance. The place is Science Club – a pretty cool restaurant, lounge, and bar right at 19 & M St. NW in downtown, DC. Depending on the number of people inside the place, you could also dance, but not really a dance place.

I like the concept of Science Club – a vegetarian lounge, situated in downtown DC to attract office-types, with small plates and music. However, I’m not sure that vision is executed properly there. The “science” aspect of the place is lost. I guess, because I come from a nerdy background and that is the first thing I was expecting to find in the place. I was also little bit disappointed for the lack of a science theme . Their Website has one. The club doesn’t. After spending some serious time on Science Club’s really well-done website, I was super excited for the science theme. It wasn’t carried out in the actual bar. All I noticed was a microscope business card holder. You will not find anything science or geeky related in this place. There is a blackboard in front of the bar where, supposedly, back in the day, a bunch of professors used to scribble the complex formula to score with hot chicks. They’ve long since erased this magical equation, but if you spray the board with lemon juice and place it under an ultra-violet light, the secrets will reveal themselves!

Although the place is only 10 minutes walk from where I live in Dupont Circle, I have been visited the place only six or seven times past three years. Science Club seems to be the current hipster-hang out of choice in Dupont Circle. The atmosphere’s alright, a bit crowded, though; gloomy, even. The service has always been very friendly and nice. Very vegetarian-friendly. They have a fantastic all-vegetarian menu, very reasonably priced. I had the veggie burger and fries with vegan aioli. Yummy! The homemade veggie burger is truly awesome, with perfect French fries. Vegan aioli on the side. Vodka tonic and a good friend to dine with, made for an awesome dinner. No idea how they made the aioli so good,
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