Bike-Sharing in Washington D.C. 10x Bigger

Just yesterday I blogged about our city ranked as the top city in healthy living life style. It looks like it is about to get even healthier.  SmartBike, the first bike-sharing program in the country plans to implement a bigger and better bike-share. Not quite sure to thank the SmartBike or the administration for this yet. Once I find out more, I’ll do another blog post about it.

SmartBike currently has about 120 bikes and 10 stations around DC, but the new version of the project will have about 1,100 bikes and 114 stations all around the district and in the neighboring Arlington County.

This expansion has been widely rumored for months, since Cyberpresse reported a deal was in the works. U.S. company Alta Bicycle Share will actually operate the system and employ the staff. The system should launch in the fall. Read more of this post


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