Integral (Web 2.0 + Gov 1.0) With Min Limit From Yr 2008 To Yr 2012 = GovLoop

I hope you all have had a chance to check out my recent posts about Gov 2.0 and GovLuv. There is another Gov thing called Govloop in DC.They have been around for over a year.

Govloop was founded by Steve Ressler who came into the government in 2004. The site was launched last year and was acquired by GovDelivery a few month ago. So, they are now a division of GovDelivery, and Steve, has been running the site independently from GovDelivery since the acquisition. Their mission is to integrate Web 2.0 goodies into the old government known as Gov 1.0 . As for the limit from 2008 to 2012 I used in the equation, well, based on how Webenized the Obama administration has been, I can totally see the potential for Govloop during this administration. But not sure about the next one. So, if we end up having another one similar to old Bush-Chaney regime in 2012, I just can’t imagine republicans allow the Government continues to stay as open as it is today.

Anyway, back to Govloop. Steve saw a real need to have a place online where different branches of government employees could talk or share ideas on various topics or ask questions. That’s why he launched the site. As of today, they have about 23,000 members since their launch date. Not a big number compare to 350 m of Facebook, but I guess it is a decent number if we are talking only US Government community.

As for their parent company, GovDelivery, they are a software-as-a-service, cloud computing platform that government agencies use to communicate. For example, people can sign up to receive information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about specific topics and have that information delivered via GovDelivery.

One challenge they might be facing is the possible set back from several Government officials who still think social networking is a distraction and waste of time. They just have to find a way to demonstrate the ROI to them. Govloop needs to show them that they can help them to get more work done effectively and fast. It will be fascinating to see how Govloop and GovDelivery overcome this. Wish them luck!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Gov 2.0 initiatives are very important and critical for all of us – the citizens, the Senators, The Congressmen, the Senate, the White house, etc. Gov 2.0 unlocks stores of data that can better inform and empower us, the citizens, to have an impact on our communities, governments, and the decisions being made. We have all experienced the difference when there is a free and clear line of communication between citizens and their government, and seen the powerful things that can happen. So, I hope they can convey this message to the Gov 1.0 people who are standing on their way.

What’s also interesting, they have a Fund called AwesomeGov Fund which aims to highlight, honor and support government by raising awareness about government-related individuals, groups and programs that are inspiring in their ability to create impact and make government better. They are committing a minimum of 5% of all their revenue in 2010 to the “AwesomeGov” Charity fund.

So, I guess Govloop is all about helping US Government employees to talk to each other effectively via their site. While, GovLuv establishes an effective and clear line of communication between us, the citizen and both our congressmen and Senators via their site.

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