Boobquake Message from DC to the Mullahs in Tehran

Kamran Abdi
A group of  Washingtonian women stood in Dupont Circle yesterday wearing their cleavage-showing dresses and blouses they own in response to the classic and most idiotic comment by an Iranian Mullah last week  about the cause of the earthquake.

Those of you missed the mullah’s genius discovery, here is the story. Hilarious 🙂  In a nutshell, he has concluded that the cause of the earthquake are tits and ass 🙂

The woman behind the movement is Jennifer McCreight who said, “In the name of science, I offer my boobs.” She created the Boobquake facebook event that sprung Monday’s demonstration.  McCrieght, a Purdue University senior, is spearheading the “boobquake” movement. The evolution and genetics major is scientifically testing the Iranian’s theory.

The movement wasn’t just in Dupont Circle. It looks like  women across the country vowed to wear revealing shirts to prove the shocking hypothesis that cleavage does not, in fact, produce earthquakes.

And finally, from DC to the mullahs in Tehran with Love. Enjoy the quakes 🙂

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8 Responses to Boobquake Message from DC to the Mullahs in Tehran

  1. Ann Aita says:

    I think they enjoyed the show.

  2. another stupid thing

  3. Ann Aita says:

    You go to boobquake?

  4. Elias Shams says:

    Indeed, the boobs cause the earthquake – on Awesome DC blog 🙂 It is not 6:00 p.m yet, but this particular article is already getting over 2500 views since we posted it this morning. it is a record for Awesome DC

  5. Ann Aita says:

    Any of the virgins cute? Although I heard once they take off their clothes they’re no longer virgins!

  6. Ann Aita says:

    Those women look like they got fake boobs hon! Sorry to disappoint!

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