DC Streetcar Project Saved by the Bell

Beginning last week, there has been mixed messages flying around DC about possibility of no funding or low funding for the DC Streetcars we covered earlier this month.

Just yesterday I heard the D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray’s budget proposal axed the majority of funding for the planned H Street/Benning Rd. streetcar line.

Later on the night, Council supporters and DDOT officials went to sleep with the understanding that the final budget negotiations had preserved the streetcar.

I just saw this on Twitter feed from the council member, Jim Graham:

“After careful deliberations and explanations and conversations, another $47 million was found to fund the streetcars.

Shortly after I saw this from the Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis‘s Twitter machine:

“Amendment will be moved at legislative meeting, which just started, to restore most funding to streetcar program. Details to come.”

The deets, courtesy Nikita Stewart:

“$10 million would be made available immediately to purchase streetcars in fiscal 2011. Another $37 million would be placed in reserve pending an operations and funding proposal from Mayor Adrian Fenty. The council would then have to approve the proposal.”

So,  it does look like the streetcars saved by the bell 🙂

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One Response to DC Streetcar Project Saved by the Bell

  1. Steve Spacek says:

    Like the idea Czech Republic (my ethnic group) made the streetcars–well-built, as also their beer and food!

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