Live Flamenco right from Dupont Circle

How many of you know about the awesome Latin place called Cafe Citron right below Dupont Circle? They also do Flamenco dance every Saturday and I think Mondays at 7:30.

Sometimes, the performance reminds me of my days in Spain. Lots of talent..Flamenco guitarist, traditional Spanish dancer and guests attend the event. So, if you are a Washingtonian or Visiting DC, you got to check out this place during their Flamenco dance event. It is a fantastic experience.

Cafe Citron is one of my small bar/restaurants in Dupont.  I’ve been to Cafe Citron many times in the past few years. They let guys and girls right in all you have to do is flash your ID.  There are three levels to this place all of which have a bar and dancing. When you  first walk in, there is always a live band banging on bongo drums and kicking a beat. Booth tables span the length of the room to the right and the bar spans to the left. In the back of the main floor is a dance floor, doors to the kitchen and stairs to the top level. When you first enter the club, there are stairs that lead directly down to the lower level where the bathrooms are and most of the dancing action.

What makes Café Citron a standout is the pretty good south American influenced fares and tasty mixed drinks.  I had ordered the beef saltado that was savory and delicious.  It’s the type of fare that is atypical of bar food and more akin to a home cooked meal.   The happy hour mixed drink menu had me putting away 5 different selections that were reasonably strong.  I especially like the mojito’s. Drinks are easy to get and moderately priced about $8-12 depending on what you want.

The bartenders has always been reasonably attentive and the food and drinks were served without any delay.

The food is absolutely delish! We got there late on a Tuesday night and got their $10 fajita special — a sizzling plate of yummy beef, onions, peppers, and all the side fixins!

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