Next Apple TV will be iPhone sized

The next Apple TV revealed: cloud storage and iPhone OS on tap… and a $99 price tag

From various Newsletter I received today, it looks like the next iteration of Apple’s streaming media server, Apple TV, will abandon the set-top box shape in favor of a smaller device based on the iPhone that will sell for $99, down from the $230 price tag of the current model.

The new Apple TV will reportedly feature just two ports, for power and video output, and may focus on cloud-based storage, streaming 1080p HD content to televisions.

Many of the reports state that Apple is unlikely to announce the new device at its upcoming WWDC event, at which it is expected to focus on a new iPhone.

I think trimming down the OS is actually a step in the right direction. No one wants a full blown PC on their TV except geeks. People do not want to browse on their TV. This has been proven over and over again. The only way internet-enabled TV takes off is if it looks like a TV or DVD type interface, and nothing like a PC interface. People do not want to search for shows. They either don’t know what they want to watch (and consequently can’t search for it) or they do know, in which case they turn to the channel it is on. Google TV complicates things considerably.

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7 Responses to Next Apple TV will be iPhone sized

  1. Robert Falck says:

    I have to agree that it’s a good direction for the Apple TV. More up-to-date software with the possibility of apps, rather than the modified Mac OS X 10.4 that current Apple TV run. Hardware-wise it’s sensible from several angles. The iPhone hardware doesn’t eat much power, doesn’t take a lot of space and doesn’t make any noise, which is all one could want from a box under the TV.

  2. i.e. an iPod Touch with HDMI-out?
    That would kinda defeat the whole “media appliance” model.
    I think it should still be an appliance form factor, but allow control via your existing iPod Touch or iPhone (accelerometer included), and the ability to run apps on the HD big-screen.

  3. Tony Brown says:

    that would be sweet!

  4. Lori Grim says:

    I’m excited about this although, I have to admit, I like my AppleTV. But I agree with your statement that people don’t want to browse the web on their TVs and I think this approach works much better.

    Can you please elaborate on your statement that Google TV “complicates things considerably”. I’ve read a few blog posts are articles about Google TV where the writers seem to think that it will clobber AppleTV. But everything I’ve read about Google TV makes me think it’s yet another set-top browser. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

    • Elias Shams says:

      Lori, I sort of addressed this in my other post titled “Google TV is ALIVE”

      To address your question here, Mobile internet is arguably too slow for video playback so I think until everything speeds up Apple will have to wait before they bring out anything that surprises us all…

      And given Google track record of preannounced product like Wave and Buzz I think Google TV will take the nation by storm

      On top of all this, Apple’s ban on Adobe gonna hurt apple in the long run.

  5. Lack of Flash will require a major push to HTML 5, and there is a question whether this architecture will really support full 1080p in a meaningful way.

    Having said that, will the 2 million people who buy the Apple TV device (on month 1) actually care?

    I love the idea of combining TV with Social Networking, with real time commentary via browser/app on the TV whilst the show appears in a panel on the TV.

    The real winning device has to include ability to support NTSC/PAL input, plus HDMI in, and insert that into a window or frame on the TV alongside the social networking apps. This is true for cable TV, satellite or terrestrial.

    I don’t see Apple doing that, but then again whether or not Apple follow this route is unlikely to affect Apple’s market share…

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