D.C. schools Tops in Reading among Urban Systems

Here is another list DC made it to the top.  A federal study of trends in 11 major urban school systems shows that only D.C. Public Schools  has made significant gains in reading achievement since 2007 in fourth and eighth grades,  according to National Assessment of Educational Progress this week. The results also echo gains city schools made in the same span on federal math tests.

This is a significant progress since 2008 in student reading skills.  Of the 11 urban school systems that administered the exam, only the District registered significant improvement at both grade levels. The eighth-grade growth outpaced the average growth in the nation, while fourth-grade growth trailed only that in Houston.

For the District, the study offers fresh signs of momentum for a school system long regarded among the nation’s worst and bolsters Mayor Adrian M. Fenty‘s contention that Michelle Rhee, he hired three years ago, is on the right track.  So, I guess the test scores suggest the new D.C. school model is working. Ms. Rhee has certainly been kicking ass 🙂

Michelle Rhee

I recall when the Mayor  took over and put Ms. Rhee in charge of handling DC school, his decision was questioned by literally every one. Ms. Rhee has been controversial since she took over the position, in some cases gratuitously and in some cases inevitably.

Let’s hope, such a significant accomplishment will sustain and we see more and positive results from Ms. Rhee decisions and of course from the students themselves.

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4 Responses to D.C. schools Tops in Reading among Urban Systems

  1. Lamont Clark says:

    As a parent of a future student of DCPS I applaud the administration for making strides and improvements. I really applaud the dedicated teachers and school administrators who are on the “front line” who do the real hard work. I hope that the progress continues. However, I know for a fact that Janey was also making progess before he was removed. I also know that there is still a lot of dissension within the schools, as well as Ms Rhee making major mistakes along the way. Also, Public Schools as a whole are catering to standardized testing isn’t neccessarily the most praise-worthy thing in education. With that said, continued success to Rhee and whoever else may become the leader of the DCPS it’s a tough job.

  2. Lamont Clark says:

    I said she’s been making major mistakes along the way, not “making a big mistake”. Alienating parents, teachers (not just the ones who were fired), DC council, and school admin because she “doesn’t have to answer to anyone except the mayor” isn’t the best move to make. Running to announce a budget surplus, when there isn’t one, isn’t a good public move. And telling a major magazine that you fired teachers who were hitting kids/having sex with kids when that wasn’t the case, is definitely not a smart move. Want me to tell you a good move she (or probably someone in the Mayor’s office) made, hiring a PR person.

    As I started and ended with, I wish her and her administration continued success, having worked directly with kids in DCPS I want to see them have schools they can be proud of. But I’m not holding Rhee up to be some type of savior who is beyond reproach, I’ll let Time, Fast Company, and Oprah do that.

  3. I agree with Mr. Clark. I have had 2 children in DCPS elementary schools and it was a great experience – even before Rhee. Ms Rhee has made a few strides in raising scores but Janey was doing the same and had to sue to keep Rhee from taking credit in the first year.. I despise her managerial style and the horrible morale she has created in the school system. Happy, engaged teachers/administrators teach children well and instill a love of learning — Not just testing well. Also in elementary school, community is just as important as instruction. Rhee and Fenty lack strong managerial skills and are just too arrogant to think that concensus among key gov’t players is helpful. Why alienate the council, the union, the teachers etc. The new contract is an olive branch but they have way to go to rebuilding trust and productivity. I do wish her well and I pray that they are really able to make greater strides in middle and high schools in DC.

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