Portuguese Ambassador’s residence Concert and Dinner Reception

Embassy of Portugal and His Excellency Ambassador Joao de Vallera, the Portuguese Ambassador to the United States is throwing a dinner reception party this coming weekend and you are invited.

A rare delight of an enchanting concert followed by a dinner reception of traditional Portuguese delicacies prepared by the Ambassador’s chef! The concert features traditional Portuguese Fado music performed by 3 exceptionally talented musicians from Portugal. The intimate and beautiful setting of the Ambassador’s residence provides the perfect setting for you to discover Portugal through all your senses while meeting the Ambassador and staff at the embassy.

Traditional Fado Recital: Musical Program

The rare delight of a traditional Portuguese Fado performance by 3 exceptionally talented musicians from Portugal in the imitate atmosphere of the beautiful residence of the Ambassador of Portugal.  Here is a funny clip of traditional Portuguese Fado:

“Ricardo Parreira Invites Micaela Vaz”
With Micaela Vaz (fado singer), Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese Guitar)
and Marco Oliveira (Classical Guitar)

(Joaquim Frederico de Brito / Júlio de Sousa)

Cravos de papel
(António de Sousa / Alain Oulman)

(Ary dos Santos / Alain Oulman)

Meu amor é marinheiro
(Manuel Alegre / Alain Oulman)

Lisboa ao entardecer
(Ian Tiski, Fontes Rocha)

Variações em Ré
(Fontes Rocha)

Barco Negro
(David Mourão-Ferreira / Caco Velho, Piratini)

Com que voz
(Luís de Camões / Alain Oulman)

Maria Lisboa
(David Mourão Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

(Popular / João do Carmo Noronha)

Havemos de ir a Viana
(Pedro Homem de Melo / Alain Oulman)

When: Friday, June 04, 2010 at 7:00 PM
Where: Residence of the Ambassador of Portugal
2125 Kalorama Road, NW
Washington, DC 20009 map

Tickets and Registration

Requested Attire
Business or cocktail attire requested.

Micaela Vaz (Fado Singer)
Micaela Vaz was born in Aveiro, but spent her childhood and adolescence in Ílhavo, a land of sailors who hold dear the Fado tradition. She was strongly influenced by the fado culture and the musical talent of her brother, Rui Vaz, and felt deeply his premature demise. There followed an interregnum of several years without singing in public. But her love of Fado and music was too strong so she returned in 2007 singing with a group of “Fados de Aveiro”. Since then, she has been invited to participate in several projects by artists like Rui Oliveira, Helder Moutinho, Ricardo Parreira, namely highlighting the “Iberian Meeting” (flamenco, fado and traditional Portuguese music) and the shows “Fados a Preto e Branco”, “Com que Voz” and “Cancionário”, having as accompanists Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese guitar) and Marco Oliveira (classical guitar).

Marco Oliveira (Classical Guitar)
Marco Oliveira was born on January 24, 1988, in Lisbon. He was raised in a home filled with the sounds of Fado. When he was only 9 years old, Marco Oliveira accompanied for the first time his parents to the House of Fado “O Dragão de Alfama”, an experience that kindled his passion for Fado. The musical interests of this 22 year old young man extend beyond the classical music he learned at the Conservatory, covering rock-and-roll and other alternative music, such as, bossa nova and jazz – whose improvisation component has a lot in common with Fado, in his opinion.

Marco Oliveira is one of the most important musicians of the new wave of contemporaneous Fado guitar players and singers. Ana Moura, Raquel Tavares, Hélder Moutinho, Ricardo Parreira, among others, bear witness to his musical talent. Aside from being refreshing, one can feel his respect for this musical genre that has been his closest companion throughout his young life.

Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese Guitar)

Ricardo Parreira was born in Paço de Arcos on April 20, 1986, and at the early age of seven began his Portuguese guitar studies under his father’s tutelage, António Parreira, who was renowned in the musical landscape of Fado. When he was 13, Ricardo was invited to participate in a festival programmed within the event “Porto 2001, Capital of Culture”. Throughout the years, his musical education – which culminated in the National Conservatory – was further advanced, having as iconic references the great composers of the Portuguese guitar, namely Carlos and Artur Paredes, who were more in tune with Coimbra guitar, to the Lisbon icons, such as Armandinho, José Nunes, Francisco Carvalhinho and Jaime Santos. In addition, he accompanied some of the most famous Fado singers (fadistas) of the contemporaneous stage: Camané, Mísia, Mafalda Arnauth, Argentina Santos, among others. But what distinguishes Ricardo Parreira from other virtuosos transcends technical abilities, however brilliant. It is something that has to do with the delivery, the risk, the capacity to go further and beyond. In Ricardo’s hands the Portuguese guitar shapes and enhances the music he so creatively interprets. Ricardo Parreira is a master of the Portuguese guitar. It suffices to listen to him to believe it.

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