Can we beat the Brits? Yes! We Can!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will kick off next week in South Africa. What I am most excited, is our June 12th match against the Brits. I think we have the potential to surprise the hell out of them like we did 1-0 in 1950 what has since been known as the “Miracle on Grass.” 🙂

We are in Group C playing against the Brits, Algeria, and Slovenia.

England and the US probably aren’t worrying about each other here. Both can and should advance as long as Algeria and Slovenia don’t ruin the plot. Each of those sides had a long qualifying road — Algeria finishing by beating an Egypt team that the US beat in the Confederations Cup and Slovenia edging out a solid Russian team. Neither are pushovers, but neither are France or the Ivory Coast, either.

With all the excitement I have for the US to kick ass this year, I have to make a confession. I was on the side my homeland team, Iran in Worldcup France 1998 when Iran beat USA 2-1.

Speaking of Worldcup, here are some great, free iPhone apps to monitor the games from anywhere:

1. AP 2010 World Cup Coverage:
The Associated Press has been covering the games since the very beginning and is committed to giving fans full coverage. Once the games start, the app will provide up-to-the-minute news from more than 100 journalists in South Africa who will be covering the action. It has a multi-language platform and users can choose to get their soccer fix in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

With customizable skins for each team, you can show everyone (at least everyone you show your phone to anyway) who you are rooting for. There is an easy to follow schedule feature that shows which teams are playing and at what time. Also, a photo and video feature will be updated once the tournament starts. The app also has a “venue” feature and lists a bit of history and interesting facts about all 10 stadiums where the games will be played.

2. World Football Live: This app gives you the latest news about all things football/soccer from BBC Sports, Yahoo! Euro Sports, and ESPN. News is updated in real-time and you can bookmark your favorite articles or e-mail them to your friends. The app also lets users browse offline. Once you’ve updated the latest news, you can read all the downloaded articles without a WiFi or 3G connection.

3. World Cup Countdown: This app counts down the excitement by the days, minutes, hours and seconds until it all begins on June 11th. The app also has an interactive photo slideshow with a series of cool pictures of South Africa. You can click on the photos to learn more about each scene.

There are even interesting video and audio options, like a spectacular overview of the countryside and some local music and dance moves. It’s a great way to learn about the country hosting the games, especially if you are planning to attend in person.

4. ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup: This app has just about everything you need to prepare for the tournament. With a full schedule, you’ll never miss your team in action. The app allows you to select your favorite team or teams so you can easily keep track of all the news surrounding them. It also has full biographies and stats for each player for all 32 teams, so you’ll know exactly who is playing the game.

Super-fans will appreciate the app for its extensive history of the tournament, which dates back to 1930, and includes an overview, trivia and controversies for each year. Sign in with your myESPN account to post comments about your team or participate in the “Fantasy Bracket Predictor,” where you can attempt to forecast the outcome of each World Cup match.

5. World Cup Factoids and History: If you really want to know what you’re talking about when you say that Germany is going to kick some butt, this is the app for you. With lists of every winner, host nation, defending champion and number of appearances since 1930, you’ll be able to make some informed predictions as to who will take home this year’s big title.

History buffs will swoon for the detailed chronicles of pre-tournament dates, starting with the world’s first international soccer match between Scotland and England in 1872. The app also connects you to news from BBC, ESPN and the official FIFA site. You can help spread World Cup fever (not that it really needs the help) by pressing the button that lets you tweet about the application.

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About Elias Shams
I have been a serial entrepreneur in telecom and social media space for past 12 years or so. I hold a M.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the George Washington University and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. I’ve lived and worked in many countries and cities including London England, Tehran Iran, Bonn Germany, Paris France, Alicante Spain, Delhi India, and my favorite of all Washington, DC of great US of A. Two of the greatest Washington, DC based companies I worked for and very proud of are Yurie Systems which was sold to Lucent in 1998 for $1.23 B and that I founded in 1999. I am currently the founder and awesomizer @

9 Responses to Can we beat the Brits? Yes! We Can!

  1. Paul Comben says:

    Your statement is immediately undermined by demonstrating a lack of basic knowledge. The USA will be playing England, not Britain. You can be assured that you have offended Irish, Scottish and Welsh people, who have their own patriotism and national teams.

    • Elias Shams says:

      you are right. I should have elaborated on that. The thing is here in the States, the “Brits” is a more fun word to use as supposed to England. But, you are 100% right though. Besides, this is just the sport and did not mean to offend anyone’s culture or country. Cheers

  2. Elias, I am afraid your typical American sense of confidence may have gone a little to far this time, I cannot imagine the USA beating England, I will even go as far as stating that England will win 2-0 with goals from Rooney and Lampard, as for Pauls comments about offending the Irish, Scots and Welsh, I wouldn’t be to worried they all know their national teams are rubbish and therefore their countries and the world cup are never talked about in the same breathe 🙂

    • Elias Shams says:

      Michael, I am afraid you are right. I know England team and I know they are pretty good. I watched them the last world cup and still remember Beckem crying after their loss I think it was to Germany.

      But, hey man! I got to cheer my team and stay optimistic even I know England will probably have us for breakfast 🙂

  3. LOL and this is what half the world cup is about, people from all different nations coming together to club to death eachothers countries!! in a friendly non-violent way of-course.
    The fact is that it will be a hot country that wins in, Spain,Brazil, Argentina etc, someone who is used to the heat and humidity unlike us Brits, anymore than 20 mins sunshine a week and we think the sun is falling!!!

  4. Enda Mannion says:

    It’s winter in South Africa so you still stand a good chance (got a cold there last year). You can even get snow higher up. Bring you raincoats and wellies to the stadium!

  5. Hmm interesting theory.

    I’d have to say that Green was disgraceful, Shilton played for 25 years and never made a mistake like that. And Englad just sat back on 1-0 and never pushed forward enough, typical, we’ll be out 2nd round.

  6. Paul Comben says:

    England play a former colony with a team of mid table Premier League players and throw the ball in the net so they can have a point. Germany play a former British colony with a team of mid table Premier League players and stuff them. Ruthless pursuit of victory is admirable, not impolite.

  7. could not agree more.

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