Can we continue living without the Social Media ever again?

Either I have a lot of catching up to do with this  Social media thing or these guys – Scott Heiferman (CEO of Meetup), Chris Hughes (Executive Director at Jumo) and Reshma Saujani, Congressional Candidate for the 14th district in New York, are on dope? The things they are saying at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference in the clip below,  makes you feel we are nothing without the social media anymore.  Do they make sense? or I am way behind the social media phenomena?  😦

Back in the day before the Internet…long before “social media”…people WERE ENGAGED in real world activities. We didn’t NEED social media to help us along.

I often posit the hypothetical: “What if Facebook and Twitter existed during the Vietnam War?”
Would these tools have (a) accelerated social action or (b) distracted people and lulled them into a faux-social sense of well-being (while the War raged on).

Today, in the US, we’re in two wars and one major environmental disaster of a magnitude rarely known before. We have Facebook, Twitter, NING, MySpace, YouTube, etc. etc. – and, BFD? Right? People are walking down the street connected to their phones, but, walk into lamp posts. OK, unfair analogy to some degree (since, Vietnam protests largely grew out of the Draft/Middle Class White kids being directly threatened); but, still, it’s something to consider?

So, it really seems that “social media” is a variation on the 1984 future. It turns us into passive fools. The “Facebook” generation are a slightly sad bunch, who have given up some of their humanness for a false sense of social.

BTW: Equating the “marketing of a politician” with “political action” creates a false argument.

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5 Responses to Can we continue living without the Social Media ever again?

  1. Ghezal Gobar says:

    so why are we helping humans get less engaged to ‘real world activities’????? LOL

    • Elias Shams says:

      I am not. The reason I am on social networking sites, is because every chick I know are on it. They don’t communicate with me any other way. You as an example, when was the last time you called me? You have been communicating with me only through Facebook past two years or so 😦 🙂

  2. Elias Shams says:

    Even my girlfriend sends me facebook msg sometimes as she is only one couch away 😦

  3. Ghezal Gobar says:

    if she is one couch away, grab her and smash her gadget against the wall LOL

  4. Ghezal Gobar says:

    I stopped calling you (as you did too) cause everytime we talked, it would turn to a big debate and argument on theology or politics…. I guess phones are not good means for a meaningful conversation neither. oh well.

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