Kaplan Getting into Venture Capital Business

Kaplan, a provider of educational and career services owned by The Washington Post,  has launched a new investment unit, to be known as Kaplan VC.

The unit will aim to help outside entrepreneurs develop technologies and products in the field of education. The goal is to nurture these new technologies to bring them to market, and to ensure their students and programs will benefit.

Kaplan VC initially will focus on U.S. and European investments in new learning technologies and online business models in the K12, higher education, test prep and professional compliance areas.

The firm expects to acquire minority interests in about a half-dozen companies over the next 12 months. The new group will be led by Jason Palmer, who assumes the position of senior vice president.

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2 Responses to Kaplan Getting into Venture Capital Business

  1. It seems that new learning technologies are needed all over the world! The students in Europe are getting lazier and lazier.

  2. Elias,

    There are a number of education-related fields still usettled and brimming with startups. Education content delivery, financial aid, financial literacy, test preparation, college admission consulting, gradeschool tutoring, and for-profit colleges all have a lot of room to grow. That list isn’t comprehensive, either. I work with startups in the space and there is a lot of activity.

    Best regards,

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