Another Victory for Washingtonian Bicyclists

More vital lanes on our nation’s most prestigious avenues were snatched away from motorists and are being given to a handful of daily bikers in another grand traffic experiment.

The change is occurring on Pennsylvania  Avenue in Washington, D.C., the central thoroughfare that connects the Capitol to the White House. This time, the bike lanes were put directly in the middle of the street, not even closest to the curb. They “have created an alphabet soup of white letters and symbols on black asphalt,” according to an account by News Channel 8 in the nation’s capital.

More than 2% of Washington residents are believed to bike to work, about twice the national average, the Voice of America says. And for that 2%, lanes were taken away from cars.

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2 Responses to Another Victory for Washingtonian Bicyclists

  1. Road in to work this morning!! So glad they are putting more bike lanes in!!

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