U.S. Crack Down On Intellectual Property Theft

The first National Intellectual Property Enforcement Strategy by our government was unveiled yesterday. It includes a wide-ranging strategic plan to protect intellectual property from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, to films & music and pledged to confront governments that fail to crack down on piracy. It was about time!

The plan was developed by a several government agencies including the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, State, Commerce, Agriculture, Health and Human Services along with the White House and U.S. Trade Representative’s office.

The initiative aims to crack down on websites that allow illegal downloads of films or music, to “lead by example” in curbing use of pirated software or goods at home, and according to Mr. Biden, to “shine a light” on governments that fail to stop piracy.

The plan contains more than 30 recommendations, related to both counterfeiting of physical goods and online piracy and file-sharing, and addresses piracy both within the U.S., and that which is occurring on foreign websites.

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About Elias Shams
I have been a serial entrepreneur in telecom and social media space for past 12 years or so. I hold a M.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the George Washington University and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. I’ve lived and worked in many countries and cities including London England, Tehran Iran, Bonn Germany, Paris France, Alicante Spain, Delhi India, and my favorite of all Washington, DC of great US of A. Two of the greatest Washington, DC based companies I worked for and very proud of are Yurie Systems which was sold to Lucent in 1998 for $1.23 B and telezoo.com that I founded in 1999. I am currently the founder and awesomizer @ awesomize.me

One Response to U.S. Crack Down On Intellectual Property Theft

  1. Branedy says:

    Unfortunately, this is more a Sham (pardon the pun) by the music and film industry to support an obsolete business model. Conjured pirating statistics and paid off politicians do not constitute a real defense for Intellectual Property rights. As has been said in the Past, ‘Follow the Money’ Who profits from this enforcement? The music industry.

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