Federal IT Spending to Reach $112 Billion by 2015

Federal information technology spending is expected to grow from $86 billion this year to $112 billion in 2015, according to a new report from Reston-based INPUT.

The figures run contrary to several other industry groups forecasting negative growth in the government contracting market. Historical spending data shows that the government, which typically receives more funding than requested, continues to invest in IT despite its fiscal circumstances.

Factoring out the drawdown of census- and stimulus-related spending shown in the FY 2011 IT budget request, we see moderate budget growth.

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2 Responses to Federal IT Spending to Reach $112 Billion by 2015

  1. Jon Stout says:

    With a net centric military and industrial base, IT spending must increase. The question is which segment will benefit the most. Right now Cyber Security offer the most opportunity.

  2. FederaL IT spending has never and can never be calculated as spending is NOT monitored by the federal government it is a best guess situation. On average the federal government is already spending in excess of 83 billion a year in conducting Certification and Accreditation on federal system and this cost does not include testing, purchasing or coverage for meetings.

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