More Bike Lanes in Washington, D.C.

The latest addition to a network of bike lanes was officially opened yesterday on Pennsylvania Avenue. The new bike lanes are part of a pilot program on streets selected because they are judged to have the capacity to accommodate bikes and motor vehicles.

The bike lanes run east and west down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue from Third Street to 15th Street NW. They were installed in the median to limit conflicts with buses, right-turning vehicles, parked vehicles and entrances on the right-hand side of the roadway.

DDOT plans to continue monitoring the bike lanes and make adjustments as needed over the next 12 months. They also plan enhanced enforcement to discourage commercial vehicles from parking in the travel lanes along Pennsylvania Avenue, and the department is working to educate cyclists about how to safely enter and exit the bike lanes, using the pedestrian signals at the cross streets.

The Washington, D.C.  has more than 50 miles of bike lanes on its 1,200 miles of streets and its goal is to increase the number to 80 miles. The city also hopes to expand its SmartBike rental program from 100 bikes in 10 locations to 1,000 in 100 locations. The program will be linked with locations in Arlington County to create a regional network named Capital Bikeshare this year.

A Census Bureau survey determined that the number of Washington area bike commuters doubled in the first eight years of the 21st century, exceeding 2 percent of all commuters.

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  1. I do. It doesn’t meet my expectations.

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