Two New Awesome Apps for the Golfers and for Getting Direction

Given the  number of people with passion for golf in DC area and how confusing the streets of DC could be for those visiting, here are two awesome apps you may want to have on your iPhone if you have one. I will do another post once or if they launch the same app for Blackberry and Android.

Skobbler GPSTravel navigation Gets Cheaper  as Turn By Turn Navigation Goes Open Source

Looking to cut corners on your business travel costs, or simply don’t like spending $60 a week to rent a car with a navigation system? You got to try  Skobbler GPS. It’s a  free turn-by-turn satellite navigation system developed  by the Upstart German mobile company, Skobbler. They recently  released the first  free turn by turn satellite navigation system into the market to anyone that has an iPhone 3G or 3Gs. You may  download  the app from here.

The app is only 2.3MB to download. It’s  optimized for any device running OS 3.0 or later.

I gave it a test drive today from Dupont Circle in DC to Ray’s Hell Burgerin in Arlington (10 minutes drive) where President Obama took Russian president for lunch yesterday and it worked close to perfect! It did not do a good job recalculating the direction if you take the wrong turn.  It did recalculate ok, but it was slow for someone driving. Other than that, it is awesome and free.

The app is developed by Sports Data Systems for iPhone to score and track all your Golf stats. It also lets you to instantly compute and post your “Official USGA Handicap” on the USGA handicap website.  With myGolfstats you get the ability to record all your key stats easily, accurately, simply and fast. It takes about 5 seconds per hole and stores about 100 rounds so you can track results over time.

You may  download  the app from here

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2 Responses to Two New Awesome Apps for the Golfers and for Getting Direction

  1. Does the driving directions app talk? In other words, the I-Phone already has a built in GPS/navigation app that sucks and doesn’t talk to you while you’re driving. So you have to look down at the phone (or have someone in the car next to you) while navigating. So what I’m looking for is an I-Phone navigation app that actually talks to you so that you don’t have to keep looking down at the phone while driving.

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