Free Apps To Find Concerts in Washington, D.C. and other places

1. StubHub: Currently only on the iPhone, the app offers the ability to sort by “Upcoming,” “Events,” “Favorites,” or “Search,” and then ultimately purchase tickets within the app.

“Upcoming” provides a complete list of events in your area including sports, concerts and theater, with corresponding tickets. The UI is a little cumbersome as you have to scroll to the end of the long sports section to access the concerts. An “Events” screen allows for easier filters by “Sports,” “Concert,” “Theater,” and “Venue” which can be improved in future releases with additional sub-category sorting options (currently it is alphabetized).

The “Favorites” screen allows you to toggle to “iPod Artists” to view only tickets that match artists in your library. What separates StubHub ticketing is that they offer a tightly integrated buying experience directly in the app. Tickets can be purchased by credit card or with an existing StubHub or PayPal account.

Not to be left out on the social side, StubHub offers social media integration via Facebook and Twitter, so you can share upcoming events with your friends.


2. Gigbox: The app is for Android that allows fans to find relevant, local events tailored to their music tastes. Gigbox has a rich social feature set including live chat, ratings, and picture publishing. “Live” mode is designed to enhance the shared experience of concertgoers by surfacing pictures, ratings, and “mood” sourced from all users in the audience. This content is then aggregated and published on the Gigbox website for future reference. Although these features require a high adoption rate, they are unique and potentially useful.

Gigbox is integrated with, which provides comprehensive data, streaming music, and the ability to sign in with your account.

3. Local Concerts: The app allows you to browse concerts in your area based on music in your music library. The search function lets you perform both artist and venue searches. You can also set up alerts so that you don’t lose track of your shows.

Local Concerts has been one of the most popular concert apps since its debut. If you are looking for a simple UI and an easy way to find concerts, this may be the app for you.

4. preAmped: The app provides popular concert apps for the iPhone,  Android, and the Palm Pre. PreAmped  was created to “capture and share the experience of a concert.”

Once you have found the event you are looking for, the app has options to share with your friends (by e-mail, Facebook, or  Tiwtter, find tickets, and view directions to the show. The app features “Shows,” “Artists,” and “Venues” screens, and also offers the ability to toggle by location on the venues screen. This feature lists the venues closest to your GPS location.

If you are constantly on the go and like to easily discover new venues in your current location, you will want to check out this app.

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