Married on Myspace, Divorcing on Facebook

Once, you split, make sure to unfriend her or him on Facebook too. According to a report from the Associated Press, social media – particularly, Facebook is becoming a prime source for divorce case evidence.  In fact, many of them seem downright shocked and delighted that our web-based oversharing has yielded such a wealth of personal information about our dating lives, party habits, attitudes and financial status.

According to American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, around 81% of its members have had to deal with — or have themselves used — evidence from social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This is just one more reason why people need to be careful about the information they are putting out on the Web. Many people do not realize just how “public” their information is.  If you are so dumb as to post stuff (or appear in other peoples stuff) that would be in any way useful to a divorce attorney you deserve what you get… I guess the message is evolving to: the internet does not suffer fools gladly.

I find it funny how people hate to expose personal lives when it comes to face-to-face situations but on Facebook, Twitter, and any kind of sharing site they’ll open you to their world as if you were their best friend. There’s some people I never talk to and am forced to know every detail of their life because of constant Facebook updates. Thank god (or Mark Zuckerberg) for the “Hide” option..

If people want to use Facebook and other social media, they need to know the consequences of doing so. YES – IT SHOULD BE USED IN COURT! If someone is naive enough to think they can post whatever they want, then obviously they’re not good at hiding their personal lives and issues – in fact, they’re just making the divorce process harder by publicly exploiting their divorce process. Basically, if someone’s dumb enough to provide evidence via Facebook, then use it with conviction.

One last piece of advice to those who put too much information about themselves on the Web. While you are at it, if you care about your partner or ex and wish to get her/him back, I strongly encourage you to take a look at CouplesSpark too. It is a free online site that helps you to reconnect with her or him using the power of social media.

Do you think the evidence from social media sites should be included in a divorce case?

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2 Responses to Married on Myspace, Divorcing on Facebook

  1. Oh this was such a great article to start my Friday!! To answer the question posed, YES I think evidence from social media should be fully used in divorce cases. I feel so bad for couples going through a break up and I am constantly stunned by how completely unkind the people involved become. I just have to shake my head and laugh at the lengths they go to and the public displays. I guess when your in the throws of passion (on the way in a relationship or on the way out) all discretion goes right out the window.

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