Ten Awesome Android Accessories

1. Android Dog T-Shirt: Even Fido can get in on the Android action with this tee for woofs.

Cost: $18.99

2. Android Walking With Dog T-Shirt: This tee direct from Google combines Android with man’s other best friend. It’s a win-win in our book.

Cost: $14.80

3. Exploded Andy T-Shirt: We’re fans of the exploded tee design so we of course love this Android-themed effort. We just hope they can put him back together again.

Cost: $19

4. Android Messenger Bag: If you’re not the tote type, then this urban messenger bag may be more up your alley.

Cost: $21.99

5. Android Stickers: Place an Android sticker on 16 of your favorite objects (you know — phone, laptop, cat) with this official pack of approximately 3-inch tall Android-themed adhesives.


6. Android Phone Case: This cute home-made Android phone case features the bot in green felt on top of a cute accessory pocket. The cases are made to order, so tell Etsy seller freshonmondays which handset you have and she’ll make sure the dimensions make for a snug fit.

Cost: $18

7. Android Tote: Made in the good ol’ U.S. of A., this tote is made from 100% recycled PVC and covered with little Androids from top to bottom.

Cost: $14

8. Android Cap: With an Android robot logo embroidered on the side and Android text logo embroidered on the strap, this choice of headwear will leave little doubt about where your mobile loyalties lie.

Cost: $5.50

9. Android Pillow: What sofa, bed or chair wouldn’t look fabulous with this handcrafted Android pillow? None, we tell you. None.

Cost: $21.95

10. I Love Android Mug: You can show your house or office mates how much you love Android with this cheerful mug.

Cost: $13.95

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