Miss Sierra Leone Washington DC Boosts Girl Child Education

A patriotic female Sierra Leonean from Washington DC, Miss Natasha Beckley who has bagged Miss Sierra Leone Washington twice in 2008 and 2010 respectively has pledged her support to boost girl child education through her projects call ‘Sisters Supporting Sisters’ which she formally launched at the Paddy’s Beach Bar last month.

According to her, every year she will raise 14 million Leones to give scholarships to girls as part of her contribution in the promotion of girl child education in the country.

She made this pledge on the Day of African Child. Miss Natasha noted that the project she is undertaking has four phases. Phase one is Sisters Supporting Education; the second phase is Sisters Supporting Sport, phase three Sisters supporting hygiene, and the final phase Sisters Supporting Maternal Health Care.

She maintained that the first phase has been completed has 120 girls in Freetown and the provinces have benefited from the projects. She said the education program under her project not only limited to the payment of school fees for girls but would also be assisting the girls parents with uniforms, shoes, books and small allowances to up keep the girls in school. The reason is that girls are vulnerable than boys as they can be induced by foolish men for sex just because of money, which has resulted in many unwanted pregnancies, causing maternal dead in the country.

That is the reason why her charity organization focuses on the girls to help in the reduction of early marriage, unwanted pregnancy and maternal death.

Miss Natasha noted that the scholarships she has given to the girls cost 14 million Leones, and 120 girls benefited from the gesture. Pupils from ten schools in Freetown received the award while the provinces benefited from the program including one from Makeni and one from Moyamba.

She disclosed that June 16th (when she launched her project) marks the launching of the project as she assured that she would continue to pay for the girls until they complete their schooling, adding that even though she is residing in USA she will be coming every three months to check on the girls.

Natasha however disclosed plans to work with other human rights organizations that are promoting girl child issues.

Concluding, she disclosed that she has a foot ball team mainly for girls, and she will be representing Sierra Leone in Miss World Tourism Beauty Pageant in China come September 2010.

Presently she is reading for her Masters in Public Relations in a university in Washington where she has also won Miss University.

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