President Obama Throws Out First Pitch

In front of thousands of fans, President Barack Obama strolled to the pitcher’s mound and tossed a baseball to Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, officially launching the team’s baseball season. (April 5).

I love the dude and I voted for him. I still believe in him. I have to admit… he is a lousy pitcher though 🙂

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4 Responses to President Obama Throws Out First Pitch

  1. James Fox says:

    Your scum, if you supported Obama. He has done nothing for this country. No jobs, still bad economy, huge deficit and socialized health care. He stinks. I am ashamed to be american as long as he is president.

  2. Kamran Abdi says:

    So, I am scum because I voted for somebody you didn’t like. Tell me my friend. What is the different with your way of thinking and those tyrant leaders ruling the middle east?

    As for your shame of being an American, very sad to hear that. Honestly, not sure what to say. My love for my country did not go less just because George Bush was in Power… See More. I didn’t like his regime at all, but it didn’t mean to dislike America.

    As for our poor economy, I hear you and it is an unfortunate one. My friend, as a reminder, we inherited such a mess from the previous administration. Mess like this takes years to get fixed. I really hope it get fixed soon.

  3. James Fox says:

    Your long legged macdaddy of a president has had ample time to make improvements and hasnt made any what so ever. Unemployment is still extremely high, he increased the deficit to levels never seen before and has socialized health care. What a shame. Yes, you are scum!

  4. Kamran Abdi says:

    If that makes u happy and makes ur day, fine. I am a scum so as anyone who voted for Obama. Cheers

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