Uruguay – The Last of South America Standing

What a World Cup this time! My favorite team, Germany is kicking ass taking name and heading toward the final. Only one team from South America survived to potentially challenge the Germans. With such a young players and the way they crushed Argentina 4-0 over the weekend, I am pretty optimistic Germany will be the camp this time.

So much for South Americans dominating this World Cup. Three sides from the continent were eliminated in the quarterfinals, leaving Uruguay, the last team to qualify for the competition after a playoff win over Costa Rica, as its only representative. In similar fashion, the demise of the European nations appears to have been exaggerated, with Germany, Spain and the Netherlands advancing to the final four. Here is the schedule for the semifinals this week:

Uruguay vs. Netherlands, Today at 2:30 p.m. ET

Uruguay takes on the role of outsiders in the last four — villains in the eyes of the hosts after Luis Suarez‘s last-minute handball against Ghana helped deny Africa a first-ever semifinalist. However, it’s also the romantics’ choice given its history, as winner in 1930 and 1950, and now in a semifinal for the first time since 1970. By beating Ghana, this Uruguay side has also conquered its recent fear of penalties, after losing the last two Copa America semifinals in shootouts to Brazil, and missing out on the 2006 World Cup after defeat on penalty kicks to Australia.

Here is one of their older match – 34 years ago 🙂

Although I prefer Uruguay to win, but having monitored both teams this year, I predict Netherlands will come out as the winner

Germany vs. Spain, Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. ET

If you need a bit of luck to win a World Cup, Spain might have used up its portion already. First the draw looked to be opening up when the Netherlands upset Brazil, the only team the Spaniards were concerned about facing; then Oscar Cardozo missed Paraguay’s penalty in its quarterfinal as the referee ignored Spanish players’ encroachment into the area (he was not so generous at the other end); and the ball somehow hit the post three times before going in for David Villa‘s late winning goal.

So now Spain faces Germany, whom it beat in the 2008 European Championship final. Back then, Spain changed from the Villa-Fernando Torres strike force to just one up front at the semifinal stage, and its chances on Wednesday could depend on a similar switch. It was injury that forced Villa out two years ago, and injury has restricted Torres so far in South Africa. No matter how much his teammates talk up his value, it cannot be coincidence that Spain’s last two winning goals have come after Torres had been replaced (by Fernando Llorente against Portgal, and Cesc Fabregas against Paraguay).

Here is the last time the two teams faced each other in 2008 European Championship final when Spain won 1-0

I lived in both countries for years and enjoyed the foods, drinks, and their babes. However, I really prefer the Germans to win. I have been their fan since I was 8.

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