No More Chocolate Milk for Washington, D.C. Schools

Not sure this has anything to do with our first lady’s initiatives on Child obesity we have been covering it, but it is indeed an awesome move by the DC school.  Last week, local schools will no longer offer students sweetened/flavored milk, like chocolate and that “strawberry” concoction.

The expulsion of flavored milks is part of D.C.’s attempt to improve the nutritional quality of food offered at its public schools; which will also include the testing of low-sugar cereals and other more nutritious foods.

Students will now have to choose between 1% of skim milk.

Given how the Dairy producers pound the mile with sugar, so it’s a logical move to ban it from schools, especially since we live in a time of heightened concern about what kids eat.

Washington D.C. is hoping to get more funding to help raise the nutritional standards of their schools above U.S. government baselines.

But many schools still sell goodies far worse than chocolate milk, like churros, snack cakes, and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins. Here’s a tip, keep an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin in your car, because if you’re ever running a quart low on oil, just squeeze that bad boy into the tank.

Hope all other schools in the nation follow….

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7 Responses to No More Chocolate Milk for Washington, D.C. Schools

  1. Dan Light says:

    One more chip out of individual freedom and liberty!

    • Elias Shams says:

      Come on Dan, This is the same as telling your kids “No video Games”. It has nothing to do with freedom and liberty. As a father of two, I fully support this.

  2. Susan Lynne says:

    It’s about time!!

  3. Dan Light says:

    That’s what’s been said about every erosion gully that now exists in our rights as a free people. If you have two kids their behavior is up to you and your wife. The behavior of my kids is my responsibility. If I don’t want my kids to drink flavored milk what right do I have to stop your kids from drinking flavored milk?

    Strictly out of curiosity, do you live in the District or Maryland? Did you vote for Comrade Obama?

  4. As a Health Coach, I fully support this! Children need healthy foods. Not sugar and chemicals.

  5. Charlene Kow says:

    If you want your kids to drink flavored milk, you can send them to school with flavored powder to add to the milk. No one is saying that they cannot drink flavored milk. If you want unhealthy food for your kids, pay extra for it and send your kids to school with it. This isn’t about liberty.

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