Stewart Tackles Arizona Immigration Law via McCain

Our best of  The Daily show this week went to their Thursday night segment when Jon Stewart opened the show riffing on everyone’s favorite immigration law, and mocking John McCain and Fox News in the process.

Check out the clip and judge it for yourself. It is typical of McCain speaks on both sides of his mouth, he will do whatever it takes to win including selling his soul. His classic move was when he cynically picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, thinking he would garner women voters. That didn’t work too well. Well, it worked for her in the end.

Anyway, in my opinion, we should stop blaming the illegal immigrants or any other group that takes American jobs away or changes the cultural landscapes of this great country. The forces of globalization was brought on by this very nation and its corporations. Now no one is safe. If you cannot get a job in one country, move somewhere else where you will get one. Don’t make exaggerated claim of illegal and crime. Once upon a time they tried to tie Irish immigrants and Italian immigrants to crime and looking back, none of it was true. Most crimes violent or otherwise are committed by locals. So you need to profile correctly (if you want to).

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