It is Washington, D.C. Day Today

On July 16th, 1790 Washington, D.C. was declared as The Nation’s Capital.

The location was a compromise; to place the capital in any state would seem to give that state importance over the others. So Washington D.C. was created, with a little land from Maryland, and a little land from Virginia, at the dividing point between the northern and southern states. It was a compromise in location, but it was also a severe compromise in comfort. In July of 1790, the land that would become Washington was a swampy no-man’s land, with swarms of mosquitos, muddy grounds, and unbearable humidity. Well, perhaps the last part hasn’t changed, but everything else about D.C. has grown up tremendously over the years.

Though it was named for George Washington, the first president never worked from D.C. His home, Mount Vernon, was conveniently nearby in Virginia, and was right on the Potomac River, making for easy transportation. John Adams was the first president to live and work from the White House (called the ‘President’s House’ or ‘Presidential Palace’ in those days).

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