Apple Offers Free Bumpers to Remedy iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

Steve Jobs addressed growing concerns over iPhone 4 antenna reception issues at an hastily arranged press conference yesterday, pledging to provide any upset consumers a free $29 “bumper” case that’s said to alleviate reception woes. Those who purchase the device through Sept. 30 will be eligible for the case. Customers who already have purchased a case will receive refunds.

Apple has seen strong sales for the iPhone 4 since its release in mid-June, despite a reception issue that occurs sometimes when users cover the lower left end of the device. The problem — which some have labeled the “death grip” — has sparked growing outcry from customers. Earlier this week, Consumer Reports said that it could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to the flaw, and then on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) published an open letter to Apple asking that the company fix the problem free of charge. Jobs, however, said that his company had been working to resolve the issue for more than three weeks.

During the press conference, Jobs also noted that just 0.55% of iPhone 4 users have called to complain about the antenna, or reception issues, while the “return rate” for the iPhone 4 has been 1.7% for early shipments, compared to 6% for the iPhone 3GS.

The company said that it cannot make enough bumper cases to supply all affected customers, so it is working to source bumpers from third-party providers.

Apple will be handling the free bumper case giveaway for iPhone 4 customers online, starting late next week.

As for your entertainment, enjoy this related clip I found on Youttube:

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4 Responses to Apple Offers Free Bumpers to Remedy iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

  1. Bill Atwood says:

    Steve has never looked or sounded so pathetic… embarrassing (sorry Steve, I like you but it’s true; I’m not an emperor has no clothes type). If I was advising Apple, and unfortunately I am not… I would have not put Steve up there on this. They simply need to issue a piece of tape (nice cool Apple tape) custom cut to cover the metal. Lot’s of folks don’t like covers or cases… and not make too big a deal out of it… Then get iphone 5 out asap… (iphone 4 w/o the metal contact). Anything in channels should be called back. This will cost them $$$ but the iphone franchise is getting hurt by the “you are holding it wrong” comment and now a “no glove no love (reception)” approach.

    I think there may even be a non-conductive spray on solution to the problem… but I am sure they thought of that and passed on it in favor of the free case. If they could have pulled that off they could have done a recall to AT&T stores and set up a small paint booth in every store… just mask off the nonmetal part and spray…

  2. I think it is just sad that it is so complicated to get the free iphone 4 case. With this antenna problems there should be free cases avaiable at every store that sells iphones.

  3. I think it is just fair that there is a free iphone 4 case with all those connection problems. That is the least they could do.

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