Bill Gates New Passion for Clean Car Technology

Whether you think President Obama is doing a great Job in handling our nation, whether or not you voted for him, one thing for sure he deserves a major credit for – Greenizing the country. I have been living, studying, and working in Washington, D.C.  since 1985.  I have never seen so much buzz and initiatives on green since Obama has taken over the Washington, D.C.  His passion for going Green has even got Bill Gates to invest in green.

Prior Obama if you asked any republican to spell out “green”, they would spell it  B-L-A-C-K. I assume you all know what I mean; OIL.

Bill Gates is joining a green type of technology group with the focus on transportation to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels.  He’s investing in a company called  EcoMotors that wants to completely rethink, reinvent and redesign the internal combustion engine as we know it.

After all these years, Bill Gates still is exciting to follow. I’m impressed how a man that was once known for being a ruthless bully is giving back so much now. I think this will be a good investment.

As for the company he is investing in, EcoMotors is a Detroit-based startup that’s trying to change how our engines operate. But instead of simply changing the kinds of fuel we use, it wants to completely change our cars’ propulsion systems.

The engine the company is trying to build will have less mass, will cost less to make, will be more fuel-efficient and will generate lower emissions. Its first commercial product is the turbo-diesel version of the innovative opposed-piston, opposed-cylinder engine, which uses half the parts and is half the size of a traditional automobile engine.

Gates gave the company $23.5 million for its Series B because he thinks the opposed-cylinder engine (opoc) could be a big hit in developing areas. “The opoc engine can be an important step in providing affordable, low-emission transportation for the developing world,” he said in the release.

The investments will allow EcoMotors to finish engineering and testing the opoc engine. The prototype vehicles is expected to be ready by the end of this year and vehicles containing this technology in production in three years’ time.

Bill Gates really has to be commended. While I’m sure there will be some pessimists who somehow find fault with this, at the end of the day investment in these new technologies is going to be an essential part of creating a real, workable solution to the energy/climate issue. It’s great to see people who have the resources to push these technologies forward are doing so. Way to go Bill!

What I also think investors should do is invest in Hydro-powered cars, or completely clean alternatives before the fuel companies and major motor vehicle manufacturers buy them out. I’m sure that there have been great developments in those areas, only for them to be offered an irrefutable sum of money and handing the designs over.

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2 Responses to Bill Gates New Passion for Clean Car Technology

  1. Tech Man says:

    “build will have less mass, will cost less to make, will be more fuel-efficient ”
    City, county or state don’t want hear above sentance.

    They wants technology where they get more sales tax, more recycle tax, more tax.. more tax..

    Finnally, Consumer nothing is cheaper.

  2. as over blown as Microsoft has become it kind of worries me the he is interested in getting into the automotive industry. we all know how he like to take out the competition. And in that field I hope to be the competition. Or at least the power source supplier.

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