Google Voice Got Faster

Google just launched an update for their native Andorid and BlackBerry apps that eliminates one extra step. Result: A much faster phone call connection.

Those of you have been using Google Voice on a regular basis, you may have experienced  a lag  especially when trying to make a call. Google is getting rid of that lag.

The lag was due to Google Voice making a small data request to Google’s servers whenever you initiated a call. That would return the number the application was supposed to dial. That works well enough when you have a decent 3G or EDGE connection, but it can also lead to annoying timeouts and pauses when you don’t. The new version of the Voice applications fixes this by assigning a unique phone number called “direct access numbers” to your contacts.  Instead of making data requests from Google’s servers, Google Voice’s Android and BlackBerry apps assign such a number to every person that you call. This removes the extra step of making data requests. In other words, your outbound calls should be faster now.

I think the new feature really only benefits low bandwidth areas. I am on T-Mobile HSPA+ and never have any lag when dialing. Mocking the attempt to smooth the experience for those who are not in high-bandwidth areas makes you an ignorant tool.

Has anybody noticed touch-tone issues with Google Voice? When I use Google Voice to connect my office phone to my bank/credit card company and try to enter cc numbers using touch tone, it is pretty bad. Sometimes it duplicates numbers and sometimes it misses numbers.

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