Michaele Salahi Not the focus of ‘Housewives of DC’

As we previously covered, Michaele Salahi was selected as one of the housewives on the latest installment of the Bravo franchise, Real Housewives Of Washington DC alongside Mary Schmidt Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney and Stacie Scot Turner.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi are not the only focus of Real Housewives Of Washington DC, according to Bravo.

I guess Bravo has been under pressure about having Michele Salahi in the show. Perhaps,  that is why they made the announcement. I mean think about it – having Michale Salahi in this show, is a financial reward to the Salahi couple for their stupid act when they managed to gain entry to a function attended by President Obama without having official invites.

If Michale Salahi become even more famous from the show, think about all other people hungry for fame.  There will certainly be more copycats.

“I think viewers are going to be so surprised to find out that the White House party crash is not like the crescendo of the show,” the Washington Examiner quotes Turner as saying. “It is like a small part of five interesting storylines, it by no means is all the drama in the show.”

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One Response to Michaele Salahi Not the focus of ‘Housewives of DC’

  1. DebbieMP says:

    First for me to watch this type of show.

    The only reason I am is because of Michaele Salahi and that red sari.

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