Where to find government contracts in the DC Metro area?

Every entrepreneur and small business owner knows that landing a state or local contract will jump start their business to new heights. Their business will have a reference by the government and it doesn’t get much better than that. Also winning a county or state government contract will give you the credibility you need to win a federal government contract.

Most small businesses want to pursue these opportunities and know the opportunities exist, but don’t know how to find them.

The state governments in the DC Metro region have made it easy to find government opportunities in their respective state. You can easily access the information from their online portals. You don’t need expensive subscriptions to third party software’s and databases.

These portals typically will list all opportunities that are on the state level and will publish opportunities that are on the local and county level as well.

DC Government publishes their solicitations at this website.

Maryland Government publishes their solicitations using the ebidmarketplace system.

Virginia Government announces their contracting opportunities here.

These websites will provide the most comprehensive list of opportunities in their respective states. However, to get the most up to date information you should visit the individual county or entities official website to view their opportunities.

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