Time to Rely on Bloggers than the Big Shot Research Analysts

It looks like as At&t was cutting a nice check to one research group, Yankee, they missed to pay the other research group, ChangeWave.

It was just two months ago Market research firm, ChangeWave polled more than 4,000 cellphone users for the study which was negative on At&t. However, a recent survey conducted by the Yankee Group came up with a contradicting result. They found that 73% of iPhone users are actually  “very satisfied” with At&t.

How could this be?

According to ChangeWave survey back in May 2010 , although many Verizon customers want an iPhone, very few are willing to switch to AT&T to get it. 49% of Verizon customers — the highest in the industry — claimed that they were “very satisfied” with the carrier. Furthermore, only 7% said they were “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to switch wireless providers in the next 90 days, compared to 8% of AT&T, 10% of Sprint and 14% of T-Mobile subscribers. Translation: if the iPhone is released on Verizon in addition to AT&T, AT&T could lose more than half of its iPhone customers.

I wonder how much At&t paid Yankee for their report. Why am I saying that?

a) ChangeWave survey
b) Out of  23 close friends and I have living and working all over the country, mostly in DC area who happens to have an iPhone, 15 of them ready to dump iPhone the moment their contracts expires.

The Yankee survey further shows, 77% of iPhone owners would buy another iPhone, while only 20% of people who use the competing Google Android smartphone platform would repeat their purchases.

The survey was cited at CNNMoney.com, which was quick to suggest that the positive reviews from iPhone owners must be a result of a “halo effect” or “reality distortion field” accompanying the iPhone’s slick and impressive interface and features. The idea is that some users are so pleased and wowed by the iPhone’s presentation that they gloss over the downsides — in this case, AT&T’s struggle to prevent dropped calls or other problems caused by poor or lost signal.

That theory is supported by the finding that iPhone users are more likely to be satisfied with AT&T’s service than other AT&T customers, only 68% of whom are satisfied.

I guess it’s time for both consumers and businesses to rely on the reviews by bloggers than the research groups 🙂 The contradiction survey by Yankee and ChangeWave is not the first one. It is just the recent one that was fresh in my head and I felt to blog about it.

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One Response to Time to Rely on Bloggers than the Big Shot Research Analysts

  1. Amitava Mitra says:

    Is there anyone who believes these analyst groups, these analysts are such scamsters….

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