Veterans Affairs Okays Medical Marijuana For Veterans In Washington, D.C.

The Veterans Affairs Dept. has decided not to penalize veterans in Washington, D.C. and dozen other States who use the drug in states where its permitted for medicinal use.

Maybe when all fifty States allow medical marijuana, the federal government will finally legalize it because I doubt they could send federal officers to all states to attempt to uphold federal law when local law refuses to prosecute. I do not smoke, but do not mind those that do. Sure, smoking too much can make you stupid, but the little my friends smoke, it makes them much more laid back and relaxed.

Until now, vets who admit to or who are found to be using marijuana — even when prescribed by a physician — could be denied pain medication because the federal government still considers it an illegal drug.


So while the VA’s revised rules do not allow VA doctors to prescribe marijuana, it does clarify that VA clinics in the 14 states — Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington (New Jersey will be added to this list in 2011) — and Washington, D.C. will permit patients to use marijuana if it’s prescribed by a physician.

Why is it hard for the authorities to understand?  when actual V.A. doctors saying that medical marijuana would be the best treatment for their patients, maybe you should believe them. It has risks and side effects, sure, but doctors really think it’s better in some cases than the heavy narcotics they currently prescribe for pain (which are by no means risk-free).

I think marijuana will eventually be legalized, it’s just happening so slowly. It’s painful to watch each and every one of these baby steps toward legalization. Meanwhile, the drug trade continues to kill and devastate impoverished societies. When will the puritans need to realize that even though MJ has its negatives, the negatives of criminalization are so much worse?

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2 Responses to Veterans Affairs Okays Medical Marijuana For Veterans In Washington, D.C.

  1. Beth Herman says:

    This is good news. Thank you for the post.
    Let’s hope Proposition 19 passes in California. Right now, it’s a difficult time for supporters.
    Beth Herman

  2. This is a great movement in the right direction for the VA !!! Now we just need to get the laws passed so that no Veteran is discriminated against or denied pain medications because he/she so chooses to ease the effects or pain through the use of medicinal marijuana ~

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