BlackBerry Wants You!

Better organization of pictures

From Blackberry blog post, it looks like the company is coming after us, the consumer market with their new multimedia features.  They are  going to change with BlackBerry 6 that includes:

–         A new improved camera UI,

–         Better picture handling and organization,

–         Improved YouTube integration which allows for streaming, sharing and uploading of videos,

–         Built in Podcast app,

–         And, better ways to handle and organize your music and videos.

Media capabilities always felt like a back burner issue on BlackBerry and it’s nice to see that Research In Motion has brought it forward with BlackBerry 6.

Better YouTube integration and sharing options

RIM first introduced some features of BlackBerry 6 at Mobile World Congress back in February and ever since then there’s been a slow trickle of leaks and sanctioned sneak peeks from the company. But not until today, did RIM officially detail how it’s going to jazz up its Java Virtual Machine-based OS to better meet the needs of consumers on multimedia.

Honestly, I think RIM is a day late and a dollar short, so to speak. While they’ve been playing around with their new OS and the quality control department, many of their dedicated  users have already gone for other devices and operating systems.  I personally know three of them. So given Apple and Google’s strong dominance in the consumer market, not sure RIM will have a chance to capture a little bit of the market share here.

For RIM to succeed on this, a) they should release it as early as possible and they should target those berry lovers who don’t want to carry two phones, b) new APi for Games development in OS6 is important.

$0.99 themes are equally important.

Let see what is there and most importantly when it will be released. Any delay will let its competitor to eat up RIM’s market share. It will be interesting to see how they will pull this off.

Overall though, the new OS will be an evolutionary step from the current offering, which might leave the company resting on its traditional stronghold areas for continued growth.

RIM says it will continue to provide more details about BlackBerry 6 in the coming weeks, which coincides nicely with the widely expected release of its latest device that packs both a touchscreen and full QWERTY in a slider form factor. The rumored release date for what many bloggers are calling the 9800 has jumped around quite a bit, but many expect it to come before the end of the current quarter and well in time for the holiday sales rush.

I wonder if the OS6  will actually let you do a factory reset? turns out it doesn’t work in os5.

Anyway, here is a demo of the new BlackBerry 6:

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2 Responses to BlackBerry Wants You!

  1. Annie Meyer says:

    I gave up my Blackberry for the T-Mobile G1 and have since moved to the G3 Slide. I am very satisfied and can’t imagine going back. Blackberry had a great product for years then they seemed to stop moving forward. While I won’t go back, I hope their product is competitive as I still harbor a fondness for Blackberry!

  2. Amitava Mitra says:

    Iphone has minimum 8 GB and Blackberry has 500 MBs on board, now thats a huge difference, they can try all these gimmicks but as long they have such low memory nothing will work…..

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