Verizon Smartphones Vs iPhone: Which one eats up more data?

Those of you Washingtonians trying to figure out whether to buy and iPhone or an Android based phone, you may want to read this first.

Smartphones operating on Verizon Wireless  network are on average consuming 25% more data monthly than iPhones on AT&T’s network, according to a report from the wireless billing vendor, Validas.

That’s right, on average, Verizon smartphones—Android, webOS, and Windows Mobile phones—pull in 421 MB a month of data. iPhone users only use 338MB.

The report excluded Blackberry devices, I think mainly because blackberry compress data.

The report shows:

– More than 11% of Verizon smartphone users fall into this category, versus just 5.6% of iPhone users.

– More than 4% of Verizon smartphones consumer over 2GB of data per month, versus 1.6% of iPhones, while just two-tenths of 1% of both Verizon smartphones and iPhones use more than 5GB per month.

The key detail in this study that drives the average is that, by percentage, nearly twice as many Verizon Wireless Smartphone users are consuming 500 megabytes to 1 gigabyte per month compared to AT&T iPhone users.

I think it is fair to say the report is the proof that Android phones like the Droid X are really just sucking down all the bits they can. Not to mention the Google Maps & Navigation. It’s a standard feature on every Android phone and you can pull satellite photos to overlay your maps. I don’t think iPhones come with anything like that as standard. But, all that should be OK though…because Verizon’s network allows more data to be consumed in general.

To do detail comparison of the two phone types, check out my earlier blog post here.

Finally, here is something for your entertainment 🙂

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