Three Small Washington, D.C. Businesses Started and Growing In the Recession

Here are three businesses that started during the latest recession:

World Advisory Company

World Advisory Company (WAC) is a company started by Alexander Johnstone in Washington, DC. WAC provides consulting services to small businesses to assist them with their struggles through this stressful economic climate. Mr. Johnstone started the business in January 2010 and already has 4 part time consultants. That’s very impressive, but the most intriguing part of WAC is that Mr. Johnstone is only 24 years old. With a heart for entrepreneurship, Mr. Johnstone is definitely on a road to success.

House Fax Report

You’ve heard of a Carfax Report, but what about a report when you’re buying a house? House Fax Report (HFR) is a Chantilly, VA based business started two years ago by Mr. Sal Khattak. With plans to be available on August 2nd to the public Mr. Khatta’s product intends to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in regards to the history of the home.

The reports generated by HFR will provide a comprehensive history of the home in question. Information included will be things such as an appraisal, environmental factors, crime statistic and area school demographics. With competitive pricing and a solid product, House Fax Report can become an industry leader in the real estate industry.

The Girlfriend Group

When you mix women, networking, and social media you get The Girlfriend Group. Founded in December 2009 by Mrs. Vanessa Maddox; The Girlfriend Group is a global network of women whose mission is to help women in all aspects of life. This diverse group empowers women both inside and outside of the network. The core of the business is the social networking website where members initially join and network with other women. However the women are very active in live social events as well. Everyone knows that you don’t get in the way of a group of women who are on to something. And with a network of over 160 women, this business is growing fast. Mrs. Maddox and The Girlfriend Group are on the social entrepreneurial journey to creating a powerful world.

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I’m in individual who enjoys entrepreneurship. I enjoy helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with their challenging needs. I created, an entrepreneur interview and small business resource website focused on the DC business community. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and small business and I like to share information that I’ve learned and that could be beneficial to others.

One Response to Three Small Washington, D.C. Businesses Started and Growing In the Recession

  1. Hi Marcus,

    I do not live in the DC area but please hear me out … I have been unemployed for 8months and have a passion for fashion . So I started a virtual Business selling church suits which has not done well due to a lack of marketing and knowledge. Because I wanted to be well rounded I also started selling jewelry and handbags. I have been told that I really need a place to display my clothes/ jewelry/handbags but of course rent is high and funding is limited. Should I let the virtual site go and just sell handbags and jewelry ? or should I just restructure my business to fit the market . My entire concept was to be up scale for less and provide a service of elegance. I live in North Carolina in the Raleigh Durham area

    Please help me if you can
    Soyna McDuffie

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