Awesome Energy Efficient Office Gadgets For Washington Businesses

Given the large number of businesses operating in Washington, D.C. and its surrounding area, the office managers may want to consider the green gadgets I have listed here.

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1. Desktop Computer

Computers use a lot of energy and it’s hard to cut down on time spent on the computer, especially while at work. So why not invest in machines that use less energy overall? Think of how much your business could save in energy bills by using energy-friendly computers.

Apple’s Mac Mini claims to be the world’s most affordable and energy efficient computer. According to Apple, the “power supply for Mac mini has been reduced from 110W to 85W and is now up to 90% efficient… A built-in power supply means no plastic housing, less weight, and less cable clutter.” The Mac Mini uses less than 10W of power when idle, which is 25W less than the previous generation, and claims to be something no other desktop computer can do.

“Mac mini uses energy efficient hardware components that work hand in hand with the operating system to conserve power… Mac OS X never misses a power-saving opportunity, no matter how small. It even regulates the processor between keystrokes, reducing power between the letters you type. That’s just one of many ways Apple manages small amounts of power that add up to big savings.” The machine gets a gold rating from Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), and meets the low power requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency, who gave it ENERGY STAR qualification.

2. Energy Efficient Printer

These days, printing the smallest of documents is seen as an attack on the “green” movement, but sometimes it just has to be done. If your office hasn’t quite made the print-free pledge and you don’t want to feel as bad about embracing paper, you can at least know that your printer is enviro-conscious. The HP LaserJet P4015x Printer reduces energy use by up to 50% with something they call “Instant-on” technology. And of course, you wouldn’t dream of printing on anything besides 100% recycled paper.

3. Solar Gadget Charger

This small, portable, solar panel kit can actually power a laptop. The Solar Gorilla’s panels can produced 10W of power in direct sunlight, which is apparently enough to charge any number of electronic goods. While this is marketed as a great travel item, wouldn’t it be great to allow your employees to enjoy some sunshine while working? A happy employee is a productive one, and working in the sun can be fun.

These gadgets are all paving the way to a more energy efficient future. Tell us which gadgets your office is using to conserve energy in the comments below.

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