Vagina Strikes Again!

No!  The target wasn’t a politician nor a Washingtonian this time. The target was the CEO, President and Chairman of the number 2 global computer maker, HP, Mark Hurd who is  resigning from all of his positions with the company effective immediately.

As for whose Vagina? A former HP contractor.

Guess what? Hurd gets $50 million severance that costs HP shareholders $10 Billion. This is what I call the perfect Strike 🙂  If it costs the shareholders that much money, why not just pay the girl $50 million and send her packing? No wonder companies are moving overseas. Corporate America is digging its own grave by allowing lawyers to create situations like this.

So, once again we see another man self destruct and another career in ruins over vagina. No one cares about who you sleep with but why would he use company money for your fling? Why get sexually involved with a woman you are doing business with? With what he earned he could afforded high priced Wall Street call girls that guarantee discretion. Sex and business is a bad mix. What were you thinking?  Never never ever date or have sex with a woman you work with! Period! Even if its consensual it’s still unwise and stupid!  No one at work should know your private life or private parts. While some women like power in their men its another issue when a CEO uses the power of his position for sex. Some women will sleep with a boss for a promotion. We call that climbing the corporate ladder on your back, while others (true believers in ethics and hard work) get pass-up for the job. Women bosses can be ruthless, revengeful and emotional and some male bosses can’t keep their fly zipped. The little head has told the big head what to do. Women are smart and at times they got more game than men. It doesn’t take much. Just a little sexual attention is all. And a FOOL will tell you that the secret of his strength is in his hair (Sampson and Delilah) Good morning America! and enjoy your day at work 🙂

As for HP going forward, Cathie Lesjak, the company’s CFO, will be replacing Hurd as CEO on an interim basis, though she will retain her duties as CFO during the search for a new chief executive officer. The company has created a search committee to select a new Board Chair and CEO, one that includes Netscape founder and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen.

Marc Andreessen? Are you kidding me? Don’t get me wrong. I believe he is a great guy, but he is a total geek. In fact he was nominated by Time Magazine the Golden Geek back in 90’s when he sold his Netscape to AOL.  Not that there is anything wrong with the Geeks. I am one of them myself. However, last time I checked, Geeks are the perfect target for the Vaginas. If he takes on the CEO position, he will cost the HP shareholders another $10 B.

Hurd took over as interim CEO on February 10, 2005 before becoming the company’s permanent CEO, succeeding Carly Fiorina.

According to the details available, it seems like Hurd, who is married (not sure how long his will last), was entangled in a personal relationship with a hired contractor— an affair he tried to obfuscate with some fudged expense reports.

I wonder how much further delay for HP Tablet we should be expecting.

As for my own thought about Mark and his leadership, HP might be doing good at numbers but Mark actually killed the innovation and culture at the company. It’s all about cost cutting now. The only way for him to grow and make numbers was thru acquisitions and that’s what he was doing. HP had some of the best talents in the industry but most of them already left or leaving the company.

Fortunately some of the old timers still have faith in HP Way and practice. I hear from a few friends who currently work there, it’s still a good workplace not so great anymore though. I just hope some HP old timer take over it, who is not just obsessed by the numbers.

Those of you still confuse why we men ruin our entire life and power over vagina, here is why? Unfortunately, we are born by this way by default 😦

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One Response to Vagina Strikes Again!

  1. Alejandro Castro says:

    Thank god I don’t live in US. This story is just stupid, and pretty representative of the american culture. It is true that you shuldn’t mix pleasure and biz with one of your subordinates, but in North America this is taken to the absolute extreme. The V Power video is surrealist, I wonder how someone could be paid to speak so much bull… I wasn’t wrong when I decided to move back from Miami to Brazil. 😉

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