Our Top Awesome Games and Apps of 2010

So far….


1. Pocket Legends (iTunes)

This MMORPG deserves attention for an ambitious endeavor. Choose a class and work on leveling up, meeting strangers, and battling enemies.

2. Chaos Rings

One of the few games priced above $10 that sold really well. A deep RPG with fantastic graphics from Square Enix.

3. Angry Birds

Launch birds from a slingshot to topple buildings and crush piggies. There’s a reason this game has been No. 1 on the Paid List for so long. Addictive only starts to explain it.

4. Fruit Ninja (iTunes)

So simple, but strangely satisfying. Swipe to slice 3D fruit as it enters your screen. Great visuals and gratifying delivery.

5. Zenonia 2 (iTunes)

Followup to the hit action RPG Zenonia. With more playable classes, abilities, items, story and artwork, this is a must-have for RPG fans.


1. iMovie (iTunes)

It made sense for Apple to bring their casual video editing software over to the iPhone when the 4 launched with hi-def recording. Very solid tool for on-the-go editing.

2. Twitter (iTunes)

While nothing new, with the acquisition of Tweetie, the official Twitter has become the best out of them all. Contains all the features you need.

3. Gowalla (iTunes)

Similar to Foursquare, Gowalla allows users to ‘check in’ to a location to earn stamps. Based on GPS, it’s very addictive earning stamps and a great companion while you are out and about.

4. Digg (iTunes)

Digg finally made an official app and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Users can look forward to all the same functionality as the native site, as well as easy saving and sharing.

Which apps do you like the most?

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One Response to Our Top Awesome Games and Apps of 2010

  1. Mark Cherry says:

    Has to be Fruit Ninja for me on the games front – stupidly adictive!

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