Iranians and their Fascination with Lions

Iranian flag before 1979 Islamic Revolution

Lion on the walls of Persepolis - the capital of the Persian Empire (500 B.C.)

After watching this video, as an Iranian American, I have to say – it looks like we  are returning to our roots. The guy in the video is washing his lion pet in Tehran, in public, in a busy street.

As some historical documents show Iranian kept leopards and tigers as pet instead of dogs. Many centuries ago Iran landscape was a birth place for big cats:

And of course, the price to pay for underscoring the  unpredictability of the wild beast:

The video below is a lion attacking one of its trainers in Shiraz, Iran 700 miles south of Tehran.

The lion is hanging on to the man’s arm and chewing! The man’s friend/co-worker is holding on to the male lion’s head so it won’t be able drag the injured and bleeding man back in the middle of his cage to finish him off. The friend is screaming for help and begging for someone to find a stick, pistol or some other weapon to fight off or kill the lion! Watch and see the conclusion! The ending is good

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One Response to Iranians and their Fascination with Lions

  1. Alex says:

    No big deal???? No big deal????? Oh Hell no! I rather be racist and finish those morons off one by one. That’s why are called WILD animals, they need to STAY in the wild.
    This video proves the undeniable stupidity of the human race.

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