Simple things you can do to save Energy

If you are one of those people who think you’ve been doing all the right things in saving energy, think again. At least, that’s what I thought till I read this survey published by Shahzeen Attari. Literally, half of the things I have been doing to save energy were wrong.

Here are some of the highlights from the survey:

–         In some cases, leaving energy-efficient lights on may actually be more effective: according the Department of Energy, the lifespan of compact fluorescents, or CFLs, is decreased by being frequently switched off and on. If you are leaving the room for less than 15 minutes, it is actually more efficient to keep a CFL on for that time. If you will be gone for more than 15 minutes, however, it is more efficient to switch the light off.

–         Weatherize your home with caulk or weather-stripping (80% of older homes are under-insulated)

–         Install a more efficient heating and/or air conditioning unit

–         Install or upgrade attic insulation and ventilation

–         Adjust your washing machine settings to warm, or even cold, water

–         Buy Energy Star appliances

–         Drive a hybrid car (if you can afford buying one)

–        Although I don’t expect most people to know how much watt/hr their appliances uses. From the graph below, it appears a lot of people like 100watt/hrs as an answer because they really can’t quantify their appliances’ energy usage.  Try to have a better understanding of how much energy per hour a given appliance uses.

In other words, it’s better to buy new, efficient equipment than to sparingly use older, energy-hungry products.

This graph shows survey participants’ mean perceived energy usage or savings in watts per hour versus actual energy usage or savings. The dotted line represents perfect accuracy:

Here is another report, compiled by Gerald T. Gardner and Paul C. Stern which is the short list of the most effective things you can do to save energy. Using warm or cold water to wash clothes and installing or upgrading attic insulation are two of their suggestions. See the full list in the table below:

One last note to both consumers and corporations:

The world is shifting to new renewable energy and green transportation and technology. If we stay with fossil fuel burning technology and don’t innovate as a nation we will be left behind. It’s like the corporation that doesn’t want to innovate because it will cannibalize current product sales. That strategy is not sustainable.

Getting customers educated about energy efficiency is key in making big changes to the energy usage in our nation.

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  1. Avigail Frij says:

    Energy is one of the key areas in which we can seek strength and independence at both the national level and community level. It is a new horizon that each of us can take a part in and benefit individually. A new energy paradigm is emerging in which we will be turning more and more to clean renewable energy sources instead of fossile fuels both for generating energy for the power grid and for running our vehicles and other major fuel guzzlers. The new paradigm will include a new generation of vehicles powered by electricity and new diverse sources of electricity power generation.

    We at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative in the Eilat region, Israel are working to acheive regional energy independence and be a model for others to emulate. Joint projects are being developed by American and Israeli entities to work for this goal. will showcase these efforts as well as the innovative technologies coming in clean energy generation, storage and implementation. You can read more at

    Many US personages will be joining us to discuss energy conservation, renewable energy R&D and commercialization, as well as taking part in business to business meetings. We welcome you to learn from us and with us in moving toward energy independence.

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