Cosmo launches Awesome Shagging Position App

Those of you into kinky shagging, I have great News for you! Cosmopolitan Magazine just launched their sex position app for both Android and iPhone. Way to go  Cosmo ! I bet the app will be promoted in Austin Powers IV which I think to be released in 2013 – assuming we don’t have something better by then.

Basically, this is an app that shows sex positions in a cartoony way.

The app features:

– The Carnal Challenge Rating: the more flames a position displays, the greater the difficulty 🙂

– Erotic Instructions: hints to help you make the most of the position and what to look forward to 🙂 🙂

– Colorful Illustration: tasteful visuals that help you understand how the position works 🙂 🙂 🙂

Those of you who think of this as porn, I have to stop you right here.

Sex is not Porn! Neither Nudity by itself is not porn.

The app is no more than Kama Sutra, something that has been around for century’s.

We have a huge problem in our society with people not being able to tell the difference.

An app about sex with tasteful graphics by a major publisher may be considered acceptable by Apple. The SI Swimsuit edition is also in the App store, and at every news stand in America right out in the open. Cosmo is in every grocery store at the check out line, right where mothers and children wait to check out, with far raunchier images and statements than this.

Unfortunately one person’s art might be someone else’s porn, it’s not set in stone which is which, so there will be some overlap. Every time there is I am sure this author will jump all over it.

Get them on your phone and enjoy life 🙂

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