Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Aug 24, 2010 – No. 6

Name: Valerie Vollmers
Live in: Awesome MD
Originally from:
Davidsonville, Maryland, home of horses
Profession: Professional Model
What I love about DC area the most:
DC is non-stop. From Charity Galas to Political functions it is always a mix of FUN and CAUSES. It’s a city full of smart, motivated and energized people doing things to make a DIFFERENCE.

About me: Growing up my Dad always said you would arrive on the scene whether a beach or party and by the end of the day you would know everybody. Well it hasn’t changed much. I try to reach out to everyone and being in the technology field, I have discovered the value of Social Media. I work for an Association in Washington, DC, but it’s the opportunities outside of work that give me the most satisfaction. I love to reach out to people and to inspire for others to reach out as well. To connect the dots of people, places and things is what I like to do the most. I like to build Social Bridges. I have been lucky to have met some great people in my life throughout the years that inspired me. I met ‘Tarzan”, Johnny Weismuller when I was young. I just went down, sat right beside him and talked to him. A bold move, but my philosophy is you don’t ask you will never know. Yes, he did the Tarzan yell for me…smile. Then he said, “It’s making every opportunity count!” If I can inspire someone to take that same chance of opportunity, I will.

I do that through my charity work. I work with the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. The organization gives a second chance to racehorses too slow for the track to become mounted police, search and rescue, civil war reenactment, trail horses and companions. I train, educate and fundraise, so people realize that horses are not classified as “Unwanted.” In this tough economy, it is easy to just throw away a lot of things, but animals should not be one of them.

We are looking for a few good celebrities out there that would love to take an opportunity to be a spokesperson for the organization.

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