Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Aug 26, 2010 – No. 8

Name: Alexis Levine
Live in: Awesome DC
Originally from: Potomac, MD
Profession: Curator & Emerging Media Evangelist
What I love about DC area the most:
It’s a great place to establish a competitive edge. And you can see the sky, which matters.

About me: I immediately seize opportunity & hear it knock on an hourly basis. People look to me as a conduit to their success. I establish great relationship & foster success by leveraging that network. I have something some like to call “blink”. It’s not about the money — I have passion in all that I do.
I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the University of Maryland, and then continued on to sling ad’s for DC Sports. Realizing that today’s technology demands a new generation of marketing innovation, I went searching to find the best in the business. Attempting to revolutionize the agency model, I’ve built my own personal, trusted crowd source network. Consisting of the best in new & emerging media. I offer marketers a chinese menu of mind-blowing advertising options.

I’m a visionary – obsessed with the next big idea. My love for the game comes in when I get to incorporate these ideas into my clients marketing mix. Being apart of the success is like no other reward. I live for it.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Youtube


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