The Rules of Texting

As a telecom geek, I have to admit, Texting has been an amazing development in telecommunications. Indeed, it has become one of the most effective and popular way of communicating. That being said, I found this video about some of the unwritten rules of texting, and texting habits by various people that I think you will also find it interesting.

As the video says it allows us to quickly and unobtrusively communicate with someone. Texting doesn’t require that the receiver drop what they’re doing to “answer the phone” so in many ways it’s more polite.

The only downfall of texting: non-verbal communication there is a large possibility for miscommunication (of intent, tone, mood, etc.). Then again, unlike babes, we guys prefer it that way anyway J

The technology is certainly here to stay. What is interesting is watching how technology has changed us and how we “reach out and touch” the people in our lives through technology. While texting is wildly popular, we still call each other on the phone. While phones are popular and everywhere, VOIP services like Skype are seen being used on TV shows for video call-ins. And while all this technology permeates our lives, 7 billion greeting cards are still sold annually in the U.S. alone!

To me, texting is good for short one or two sentence communications (ie. I’m outside your house, come out). If it has to go back and forth more than a couple of times you should have called in the first place — Also, if you have something important to tell someone, CALL THEM.

I also have a simple rule for text versus mouth…. text should be used for positive messages/agreements etc. if not agreeing, then use mouth as people tend to keep messages + the written word is often misunderstood, so no negative text messages.

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