Starbucks Goes Mobile Full Force

As more and more local coffee shops opening up in town with much better coffee including Filter I just covered today, Starbucks has been certainly feeling the heat. The company is keep coming up with the new innovative ways to attract more customers. They are now adding a new flavor to its mobile payments strategy by launching a free BlackBerry app that lets you to use the devices to buy coffee in stores via barcode scan. Starbucks introduced the same kind of app for iPhone and iPod touch a year ago.

Thanks to all the Government contracting, given the large number of Blackberry users in DC area, I would say this is a good move by StarBucks. Although, I still feel sorry for the people who end up having the Starbucks coffee though.

The BlackBerry app lets people check their Starbucks Card balance, add money to their account with a credit card, and make purchases at Starbucks. At checkout, the app generates a barcode on the BlackBerry screen, which is then swiped over a scanner.

Here’s a map of the Starbucks stores in Seattle that accept mobile payment.

The mobile apps are just part of Starbucks digital strategy.

The company recently introduced free, unlimited Wi-Fi in company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada, and it’s preparing to launch a digital network in stores this fall.

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