More White-spaces Spectrum to be Opened up

According to the New York Times, sometimes within the next thirty to sixty days, the FCC could approve rules to open up white-spaces spectrum for commercial use.

Freeing up the spectrum means more wireless companies like Spectrum Bridge which has been using white-spaces spectrum to provide broadband services to the rural area, could pop out to take advantage of the opportunity.

Details of device requirements for the white-spaces spectrum have yet to be announced, but could be spelled out at the commission’s Sept. 23 open meeting.

Like most spectrum issues, white-spaces spectrum, which became available with the transition to digital TV, has been rife with controversy, pitting TV broadcasters and wireless microphone users afraid of interference against high-tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Dell.

Wireless carriers were in favor of auctioning white spaces spectrum as licensed frequencies. The FCC decision allowed unlicensed devices embedded with spectrum-sensing, geolocation and database-access capabilities in TV white spaces. The database includes information on TV stations, cable TV facilities and wireless microphone venues so as to avoid degradation to their services. Spectrum-sensing-only devices will be subject to tougher regulatory and technical scrutiny before they can be marketed commercially.

Can anyone tell how this will be effected if Voogle wins in their battle with FCC over Net Neutrality?

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5 Responses to More White-spaces Spectrum to be Opened up

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    I have been reading about white spaces. I predicted 10 years ago, that internet traffice would start getting split to premiumchannels and local channels and the democracy of the net would disappear. We are aleady being filtered by country – where are the .uk and .es, or .it these days not in the first 100 pages of google search.

    It’s happening all without a public debate.

  2. Jay Johnson says:

    Yes. It should create more opportunity for small mom and pop type companies like the cellular explosion in the mid to late 80’s. If the business models are implemented properly, it should increase traffic usage for the incumbent backhaul carriers.

  3. Elias Only well funded Company can do Chip Development. All the activities will be in
    applications (Software). All big Companies are working on this segment. It is for Big Boys Game. Ogl will get ad dollars from Wireless business. We may see more activity
    in Social Network and Tele-Medicine.

  4. Nymble says:

    The Sept. 23rd FCC rules are broken. They were subtlety poisoned by the insertion of a completely unworkable spectrum mask. Basically – the wireless technologies we currently have available (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, etc.) will not fit in the overly strict emission limits for the immediately adjacent channels. It’s like building a new superhighway, but only making the lanes 2 feet wide.

    Unless the FCC makes additional changes – consumer use of White Spaces is dead. SOme very remote rural applications might be viable, but will not have the benefits of low cost parts (from broad adoption).

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